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Should I apply for a PhD program in planning? (coming soon!)

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Master’s in Planning
I have the privilege of working with incredibly passionate and capable students, most of them master’s students interested in climate adaptation, environmental sustainability, and international development. Below are a list of the master’s students and their exit projects and independent studies that I have advised. Their LinkedIn profiles show their career paths since then. If you are interested in having me chair your exit project, please review the relevant FAQ video and then contact me before spring break, indicating your proposed area of research. I typically chair 5 committees a year, and will serve as second on a few others.

Doctoral Students
I serve on a few PhD committees at Cornell and beyond. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. International students interested in a PhD or research position with me: Please apply through the Cornell doctoral admissions process. I have no funded research positions to award separate from that process.

Climate Change Adaptation

Anjali Fisher. 2021. Treading Murky Water: Learning from Subnational Buyout Programs on Equitable Floodplain Management.
Katie Oran. 2021. Building to Burn: Decision Making & Managed Retreat in the Wildland Urban Interface. Published essay in Places Journal.
Rewa Phansalkar. 2021. Indigenous Responses to Climate Change: Contrasting U.S Federal Adaptation Efforts with Tribal Approaches in the Pacific Northwest.
Karim Shaltout. 2021. Testing a Combined Approach for Risk Identification as a Method to Assess Flood Impacts on Housing in Harris County, Texas
Hannah Wilson. 2021. Building A Better Buyout: Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Urban Climate Adaptation Strategy (Chair: Jennifer Minner)
Nadine Guttierez. Dual Vulnerability to Climate Change and Violent Conflict: The Case of Lanao Del Sur, Philippines (Chair: Victoria Beard)
Sanjana Sidhra. MRP 2020. Community-Centered Nature-Based Adaptation: Making the Case for Koliwadas in Mumbai’s Climate Future
Joshua Rotbert. MRP 2020. Supporting Data Development for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Toward an Integrated Approach.
Sauvanithi Yupho. MRP 2020. Taboos Of Water Governance For Institutional Stability: The Endless Floods In Bangkok, Thailand.
Minh Tran. MRP 2020. Transformative Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Cities: Entry Points for Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City. (Chair: Victoria Beard)
Jessica Geary. MRP 2020. Climate Vulnerability Assessment of Sewer and Natural Systems of Buffalo, New York (Chair: Tom Campanella)
Sara Trigoboff. MRP 2019. Public Housing Underwater: An Assessment of New York City Public Housing Authority’s Portfolio Vulnerability to Storm Surge and Chronic Inundation.
Joaquin Brito. MRP/MLA 2019. Chicago’s Inequitable Green Roof Policies: A Mixed Methods Analysis.
Margaret Ross-Martin. MRP 2019. Toward a Financing Strategy for Louisiana’s Coastal Restoration.
Andrew Varuzzo. MRP 2018. Municipal Fiscal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise: Typologies of Risk, Tipping Points, and Taxation in Massachusetts. Published as a journal article in 2020.

Environmental Sustainability

Naomi Crimm. MRP 2020. Assessing the Potential for Regional Collaboration: Rural and Urban Changemakers’ Values and Aspirations for a Green New Deal In Tompkins County, NY.
Leigh Scudder. MRP 2019.  Bypass by Bypass: A Case Study of Instream Flows in New Mexico.  
Cory Lee Mann. MRP 2018. David and Goliath: How Missoula Used Eminent Domain to Remunicipalize Its Water. (Chair: Mildred Warner) Published as a journal article in 2019.

Housing and International Development

Ella Sahertian. 2021. Examining a Healthy Housing Framework and Guidelines for the Expansion of a Health Secure Housing Scorecard.
Khyati Rathore. MRP 2019. Economic Empowerment through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: Kali Pepe Co-development Initiative, Solo, Indonesia.
Rhea Lopes. MRP 2019. Evaluating Trade-Offs in Collective Settlement Upgrading: Case of Solo, Indonesia.