I can provide journalists with a perspective on how climate change affects cities and how they are adapting, especially for water and flood management:

  • climate inequality and injustice, for instance displacement + gentrification
  • impact of the scale at which we plan – local to regional to national
  • comparative U.S. + international perspectives

  • government policies and institutions for land use + development planning, property buyouts, taxation, managed retreat
  • green infrastructure, nature based solutions, and ecological restoration

In the News

After Ida’s fury, infrastructure key in preventing misery (AP, 2021)

Will These Places Survive a Collapse? Don’t Bet on It, Skeptics Say. (New York Times, 2021)

Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas? (NPR, 2021)

Biden Pledges U.S. Will Cut Climate-Changing Pollution At Least In Half By 2030 (Huffington Post, 2021)

Boston Takes on Climate Change (APA Magazine/Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2021)

Envisioning Climate Resilience: Experts from the Lincoln Institute Network Weigh in on Promising Land and Water Policy Solutions (Lincoln Land Institute, 2021)

Hidden Territories: Uncovering the racist legacy of the American landscape (Harvard GSD, 2020)

15 million U.S. homes are at risk of flooding — 70% higher than FEMA estimates (CBS News 2020)

Elisabeth Hamin Appointed Co-Chair of the ACSP Task Force on Climate Action (2020)

Professors Face Gender Biases as They Juggle Work and Childcare at Home (Cornell Sun, 2020)

Fiscal Challenges of Climate Change (my op-ed in The Boston Globe, 2020)

Study probes fate of flooded areas after government buyouts (E&E News, 2020)

It’s not just Venice. Climate change imperils ancient treasures everywhere (Grist, 2019)

Climate Change Could Sink Amazon’s New York Headquarters (The New Republic, 2018)


America Adapts Podcast: Racially just Adaptation + Urban Planning and Climate Inequities + Fate of 100 Resilient Cities and much more with Dr. Linda Shi (2020)

Yale Climate Connections: One reason why cities keep building in flood-prone coastal areas? It has to do with property taxes (2019)

Cornell “What Makes Us Human” Podcast: Climate Change and Inequality (2019)

Recent Public Speaking Engagements

New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Working Group Annual Climate Network Meeting: Pushing Past Structural Limits to Adaptation – Challenges and Opportunities (presenter) (Nov 10, 2020)

UCLA Climate Adaptation Research Symposium: Session 2.4 Community-Based Approaches to Investing in Climate Resiliency (panel discussant), Sept. 21, 2020

Harvard Graduate School of Design Public Lecture: Beyond Green Infrastructure for Flood Risk Reduction (video recording posted), Sept. 10, 2020

Climigration Network Webinar: Fiscal Challenges of Climate Change and Implications for Managed Retreat, May 28, 2020

SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry Environmental Studies Seminar Series: From Progressive Cities to Resilient Cities, March 5, 2020

Syracuse University Maxwell School, Environment, Sustainability, and Policy Speaker Series: Parasitic Resilience? Governing Water across Urban-Rural Divides in Asian Mega-Regions, Oct. 17, 2019

NYU Institute for Public Knowledge, Resilient Cities or Parasitic Regions?, Oct. 4, 2019

American Society of Adaptation Professionals, Climate Migration and Managed Retreat Webinar: Climate Change, Fiscal Policy and Land Use: An Opportunity for Transformation?, June 2, 2019